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weekday morning at 9:20 eastern. if you think all the party in new orleans is for fat tuesday, think again. it's because neil cavuto is back tomorrow. >> hello, i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and andrea an taros. this is the fife. the five. >> our the santorum surge is the republican establishment aphrase of a rick santorum candidacy? rush limbaugh says they might be. >> the establishment republicans are scared if romney loses michigan, they think he's going to lose the nomination. we're seeing the republican establishment force a candidate down the throats of the republican base that the republican base is obviously saying, from primary to primary
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to primary, they're not really sure, they're really not all that sold on romney. so the establishment says, okay, we have to find somebody else you don't like that might be able to win it. which is what it boils down to. >> rick santorum says the media isn't going to give any conservative a fair shake. >> will you be the generation that sat on the sidelines and watched as candidate after candidate comes up in the national media, takes their wax out to destroy them in any way possible as they have done with every single republican candidate and they will between now and the election. will you sit on the sidelines and say that's not fair or stand up and fight for freedom. >> what do you think? is santorum right? the media isn't going to give a
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conservative a fair shake? >> it's possible. i remember michael barone, a political analyst, i was complaining about media bias in the green room at fox and he gave me a piece of advice, save yourself a lot of time and heartache if you put that aside now. you're never going to win in the mainstream media. you have to live with it and deal with it. the thing i would ask to rush limbaugh would be, i don't think -- i could be wrong, i don't think he's endorsed anybody. he talks all about it. what santorum or anybody needs to do and nobody has iser persue us why we we should be for them. rush has a point, stopping running for the independents. you actually need them. >> i think that's where rush is coming from.
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not so much he loves this candidate, he just doesn't like the establishment republican. >> he makes a good point. the establishment is trying to jam a certain candidate down the throat of the base but the base is rejournaling georgia tat. >> romney won in 2008 and has to win again. he's spending 40-1 to win. what does that say about his chances? i'm not sure he's the most electable. >> it may be one of the biggest challenges. this is the exact reasons for the birth of the tea party, the conservatives, the base were upset. they didn't want the establishment to tell them who to choose. so far romney has the best numbers on the head-to-head but how do you explain, everybody seems thirsty, the thirst hasn't
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been quenched. they're looking at santorum. >> we want someone we can't have. part of each of them. >> i'm sometimes not no agreement with rush limbaugh but he's right. the establishment of the republican party, to be defined loosely as the washington power structure republicans, are scared to death of having santorum and certainly newt gingerich, who they don't want, to they want mitt romney, but you can't hang a candidacy on i'm the most electable. the reason he stayed flat line is he hasn't convinced he's a conservative. santorum has a passionate message that may not be mainstream but they're scared to death. and they're not going to jam someone down their throat. >> let's listen to donald trump -- wait. he's not part of the washington
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establishment. you would think he would be for santorum. listen. >> there's no gift, no christmas gift, that could be given better than rick rick santorum for the democrats. they're salivating. i don't think they believe it's going to happen but boy, would they like it to happen. that would be an election you wouldn't have to wonder what the outcome would be. >> trump came out a few weeks ago and endorsed mitt romney. he didn't just endorse and walk away, he endorsed and is campaigning and making a case on his behalf. i think that's good for romney. i can go back to another thing. i don't know if rick santorum fits the mold of the tea party candidate. if that were true, he would have been the tea party candidate ten months ago.
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>> certainly not establishment. >> well i think -- washington establishment and -- is how that's loosely defined. i think of somebody like my grandmother, who passed away a year ago, she would have been called republican establishment. republican her whole life. >> a group of people in the washington establishment elites, aren't you? >> i am. that was my point. >> because he's been a senator, he doesn't appear to be an outsider. i think if he gets into the general, the point is he's going to be obama and his 2,000 press secretaries. contraception, all these social issues, day after day after day. i think rick santorum has a great record. he's won in states like pennsylvania and wins appeal with lunch pail voters but this republican candidate needs to
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give voters a reason to pull the lever for them. >> that's an overarching message. >> are we going to be the only show and only table across political analysis that says there's not? i disagree. >> you've got two born-again establishment republicans saying newt gingerich and rick santorum were insider in washington a long time. i think to sit and suggest these guys are anything but that -- maybe they'll get away with it because they're the last people standing. >> go for it. >> you know? persuade me. i don't need to fall in line because of the base. i want to be persuaded. why should i vote for you? >> i hear you. >> bob, how come mitt romney hasn't done some kind of magic moment? he's the guy everybody expected with the resumé, experience,
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business sense, but hasn't caught fire. >> i can look at the people most likely to win, rockefeller in 1964 and then nixon was not perceived to be the best guy, mcgovern was not. that inevitability thing doesn't work in presidential politics. the reason mitt romney hasn't come up with something is it ain't mitt romney. he's a moderate liberal from massachusetts. >> around the stable, starting with kimberly. does mitt romney have to win michigan to stay most electable. >> i think he'll get the nomination, he needs michigan. >> can he win without michigan? >> he can but he has to go to a convention without 1,044 votes. >> brokered. >> let's do away with the brokered idea. >> i don't think we can. >> you and gingrich and mitt
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romney and ron paul and tell them. >> i want to ask the producers, keep the tape where he says mitt romney is a moderate liberal. if he won the nomination, the talking point from the democrats will be that mitt romney is a crazy conservative who will take the country backwards. >> you're right about that. i'll be the first one saying it. >> if he loses, he will be hobbled. thez coming, four, one, five. four g.o.p. candidates, one new target. five of us weigh in. email us at the
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♪ >> you got to love that. welcome back to the fife.
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if there's one thing every republican agrees on, they want president obama to get clobbered in the november election. >> no. >> don't cry, bobby. >> no. >> which g.o.p. candidate is making the strongest case against him. take a look. >> barack obama is the most dangerous president in modern american history. >> he went to reverend wright's church. >> he says if it's not prohibited i can do what i want. >> he doesn't deserve a second term. >> this is the arrogance of this president. >> the obama administration is dedicated to an anti-american energy. >> i'm going to question what he's doing in this country to drive up the cost of energy. >> you cannot put a gun rack in a volt. >> this president's comfortable with four years now with trillion dollar plus deficits. >> he knows what's best for every one of you, and you're
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incapable of making these decisions yourself. >> this president has failed the american people. it's time to change. >> bob? >> first of all let me start with newt gingerich, that was the most irresponsible statement. obama is the most dangerous president in history. where is the evidence for that? you talk about crossing the line. the rest of these guys, that's all they're talking about. you hear one thing out of them, one idea about how to take america forward? no. all they talk about is running against barack obama. >> president obama does the same. they don't talk about his vision. >> the difference is he is president. >> i actually agree with you, bob. the most dangerous man in america is eric boling. >> eric holder. >> i agree with that. >> even with the contraceptive thing, to step on religious beliefs is a big deal.
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to answer your question, who is the best person to take out obama, i think newt gingerich is one of them. rick santorum has the potential to do that. mitt romney, at his best moment, the moment he had the opportunity to fire back at the president and test capitalism 101 when attacked by rick perry for capitalism, he just didn't get there. that's going to be the argument that democrats will use against him in the general because of his bain capital stuff. >> you'd like to see more from him. >> i've been saying it week after week, there's a portion of the conservative electorate that doesn't think he's conservative enough and there's another group that don't think he has it in him because he's nice. >> he scares me. i would hate to meet mitt in the alley. when going says you can't put a gun rack on the back of a volt,
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mitt romney could put a dog cage on top of a volt and take his dog. >> he can't take it through the lincoln tunnel. >> flintstone car. >> joan in -- jonah goldburg sad if you could take ron paul's stance on monetary policy and newt gingerich's stance on fiscal responsibility, balancing budgets, stake santorum's conservatism and put them in mitt romney's shell it would be perfect. karl rove says everyone will step in line. i'm not sure. >> that's the problem. he's the shell. he's not any of those things. >> i don't know. i mean i look at something like the florida win, which was decisive and representative.
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florida is a representative state of the rest of the country's population. he won it decisively. he spent a lot of money, the others maybe not as much. one thing is rick tyler, the spokesperson for gingrich's pac, winning our future. he was quoted today saying they were forced to counter mitt with a scorched earth campaign and by the end, there will be no one left to vote against obama. it's sort of like, isn't that the point of your candidacy? don't we want to vote for the run, not against? >> anger and fear is not a motivating reason to go out and get out of your house. >> it's not to cross the finish line. >> he's going to walk into michigan, which is his biggest deal, and go to super tuesday. that's going to show whether his money -- by the way, he's spending more money, his burn rate is higher than income,
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santorum's raising a lot of money. mitt romney, if florida was the best representative state, he did well. newt gingerich did not do well. >> i want to bring up something. gap lop poll shows santorum leading romney 36-26 among republicans, eric. >> well, it's swayed. he's the flavor of the month. i love what he's doing. the question is, is he pushing too far right? he's pushing far right. >> this is coming from you? >> here's the problem. >> you want the winner in the general. >> i'm all for smaller government but when you go so far with the social issues, can you bring it back by general time? >> he's looking at a state like michigan, missouri, minnesota, but michigan, where one-third of the voters are catholic. it's also a republican primary so he has to stay on the social
5:20 pm
issues. >> he can't get off them because everywhere he turns, he's cornered and it's fore shadowing. >> you're saying he's the flavor of the month. if you had an ice cream store, you would be down to so few flavors. >> there's a problem. if you go to a situation where no one gets 1144, you may have extra flavors. >> you and sarah palin are wishing for things that aren't going to happen. >> in terms of santorum, the approach where he focuses on hot buttons, tending to lean towards the social issues, to appeal to social conservatives, what do you think? >> what i like is he doesn't run away from who he is. i think that he's going to have to figure out a way to put aside, as michael barone gave me the advice, put aside your frustration with a liberal media bias. but he has said the things he said. he believes in what he believes and he's talking about it.
5:21 pm
a lot of people like his message on the economy when it comes to blue collar workers. there's a debait tomorrow night and i think this -- i think this is a debate worth having. >> very authentic. >> he sticks to what he said. >> obviously a lot to talk about. you can tell us what you think. directly ahead, should schools cash in on bad behavior? some chicago schools are fining students when they act up. i know what you're thinking, good thing that didn't happen way, way, way back, when bob was in school, because he might have had to file for an early bankruptcy. you think? my name is robin. i'm a wife, i'm a mom... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke,
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>> welcome back to the five. last week we talked about a school in ohio. i'm pretty sure it's a charter school. they were using privately donated dollars, private dollars, to pay kids to go to school and said it was working. we have the opposite situation with charter schools in chicago, the noble street college prep, where they're doing something that one of these -- a professor commenting on it from rutgers said was financial torture from medieval times. they're charging students to demerits, chewing gum to talking out of class or disruptive behavior. rahm emanuel said you can't
5:27 pm
argue with success. some people think it's wrong. >> first of all, i wonder what they would charge you for booze in the 7th grade. >> that's your whole allowance. >> 9, 10th grade. >> i think there's something too this. emmanuel said look at the facts. 90% of these kids graduate from school and 100 percent go to college. compared to 54% of the average college school. if that's what it takes to not have -- not really uniforms but in high school today, the guys look like drug dealers and girls look like hookers. in that kind of environment, people don't learn. i just think it's a good idea. >> bob, dress code police. your many titles. >> it's not that much money. four demerits in two weeks gets detention and $5 fine. >> i think it's good. i like it.
5:28 pm
>> what about -- excuse me, let's weigh in. >> i like it because i think it encourages individual responsibility, personal responsibility, that children are held accountable and should invest in their education, be there to learn. >> did you chew gum in school? >> no, i went to a girl's private catholic school. your skirt had to be below your knees. >> i don't love this idea. first of all, what kids -- kids don't have the money. the success is because it's charter school. >> it was a charter school last week where they paid kids to go to school. >> private money. we were okay if they wanted to spend private money and pay kids to show up. i don't like the idea of penalizing a kid with money. what works is time. put them in detention, make 'em stay longer. >> that saturday morning
5:29 pm
detention. i would have tied my shoes and the sugar free juicy fruit would have been gone. >> did you chew gum in high school? >> i did. >> did you wear skirts? >> we don't need to know that. >> curious. it's all relative. >> you're right. i take it back. >> i think anywhere you can get the kids to follow the rules and learn to follow the rules is good. guess what, if they don't like it, the parents don't like it, they can take the kids out. >> this woman is with a group called parents united for responsible education and says it's harassment, not discipline. >> no, it's like money in the swear jar. >> the discipline, detention on saturdays, it costs the school a lot of money for those things. >> there's a movie about that. >> right. >> to sir with love. >> they're eating ding dongs.
5:30 pm
>> the packet there's a school where the teachers and parents have to agree, they can hang signs on kids. >> no, this is a parent. one parent. he was tired of the 15-year-old boy coming home with a 1.2 grade point average and she was going to make him wear a sign on the side of the road saying i'm a loser and i need better grades. >> why is bob laughing. >> something andrea said. >> then he laughs, then i laugh. >> i've been trying to hold it together. >> you always do. >> you do, you hold this crowd together because, particularly when greg and i go at it. you keep us out of the fcc. >> we need detention for the five. >> what if we had to be here on saturdays? >> it was like a classroom. i said ding dong and bob giggled. >> no, it was -- never mind.
5:31 pm
>> go on, teacher. >> today is mardi gras. is it bizarre some people celebrate this religious holiday by boozing is up? we have numbers about binge drinking that might surprise you.
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>> in washington, the story today is the fundraising numbers on the presidential campaigns. tonight on special report we'll go over the figures and show you who is doing well and who is not. also what's happening on the campaign trail. rick santorum is in arizona today ahead of one of the primaries. we have the report from phoenix. president obama is dealing with fallout from contraceptive the
5:36 pm
conversation is steering towards the president's faith. up and down day on wall street following news of a second greek bailout approved. we'll get analysis from gerri willis. the grapevine, why the defense secretary thinks he deserves a medal. it starts at 6 eastern. now back to my colleagues with the five >> hi! sorry to say that you probably can guess, it's not halloween. today is mardi gras which in french means fat tuesday. the history is as follows. it started when the french owned that part of the you the states of america, louisiana,
5:37 pm
mississippi and alabama and came over, settled and named the area we know as new orleans, point du mardi gras. i knew this because i just read it. i have been to mardi gras several times. it's the last day before the official day of lent. it was supposed to be brawl. i've been down there several times. i don't remember many of them but there were good-looking women and everybody was going nuts. i don't know anybody who was into the religious side of things but a lot of people got real drunk, real bad and that's what it has become. a drunk fest. nobody guess to mass to get the ashes. >> how do you know they're good-looking. you said a two was a ten. >> i said a two at ten was a ten at two. >> maybe they weren't that good-looking. >> i look like cat woman.
5:38 pm
here's the question. does anybody -- >> notice his -- >> i love mardi gras balls. >> what did you have to show to get those? >> easy. >> that's christmas. >> no, these are mardi gras. >> they're so big. >> size matters. >> mardi gras is supposed to be fat tuesday, the day before lent starts, were christians, catholics, mostly, take 40 days so abstain, which is why i could never be catholic. is it more than catholic? >> i grew up lutheran and we would choose something to give up. >> did you get the ash on your head? >> yeah. >> ash wednesday. >> before i found faith i saw joe biden with that on his head and thought he hit his head. let me start with you, christmas ball man, do you think there's any religious connotation left to mardi gras? >> you're overthinking it.
5:39 pm
it's a great celebration, we have fun and it coincides with the lenten season. >> have you been down there? >> yes, i love it. >> do you remember anything about it? >> yeah, it was a great time. >> did she remember anything about it? >> it helps the economy. $347 million. i'm all for that. >> kimberly, come on. you're pro stimulation. they're down there for stimulation, all right, but it's not the economy. >> have you been to mardi gras? >> i have not personally been to mardi gras. >> do you consider fat tuesday a religious holiday before lent? >> let me tell you if, i went to mardi gras it would be to have a good time and celebrate. that's -- >> in an appropriate way. >> let me ask the most balanced person here, who problem has not been to new orleans. dana, what do you think?
5:40 pm
>> haven't most holidays turned into the drunken holidays? i've -- i know -- new orleans for a couple of reasons, my husband, our first day after we met on the airplane, our first date was in new orleans. a very good friend of mine, donna brazil, is from new orleans and she's there now. so like everything i know about -- i'm going to see her friday. everything i know i know from her. >> it's a great party. you go to the crypts for the devil worshippers. >> i have not been there. i support anywhere you can drink can during the day without judgment but i never had a desire to go. >> can i speak about drinking? binge drinking takes place. 30 or 40 million americans binge drink and a lot of people are not used to drinking and binge
5:41 pm
drink and people die. is it encouraging binge drinking? >> it might be. that's their decision. i guess it is the fact it's tied to religion. it seems like, to binge drink before a religious holiday ... >> why don't you define it. >> it's five to six drinks for a woman. >> no, for a guy. >> four to five for a woman. >> the people i know, they drink more than that. >> before a football game there's binge drinking in the parking lot and during the game. >> not everybody binke drinks before football games. >> or ever. >> or ever. >> i don't like to feel that way. i'm -- i'm fortunate that i don't feel that way. that way, i would not get addicted. >> you're right. >> i guess. >> you know that -- >> most binge drinking, it's the third most preventible death.
5:42 pm
>> look at the college students that do it to be accepted, during hazing. >> i never had that problem because i binge drank every day but if you don't you're not used to it. >> another reason to go is for the food. >> alcohol has a lot of calories, so don't. >> i haven't read this -- i forgot. coming up, i willity -- >> illegitimacy, happy mardi gras. [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to five-on-five. "new york times" reported illegitimacy. >> is on the rise, particularly among white women in their
5:47 pm
20s. bernie goldberg had harsh words and tough love and said the president should get involved. >> mr. president, i say this respectfully, you ought to tell these women and their irresponsible boyfriends they need to do their fair share. because this new normal isn't good for them, it isn't good for their children, and it isn't good for the country because this income and equality you rail about, their contributing to it. the wealthy in this country aren't the problem. besides, they're doing more than their fair share. the problem is the new normal. the new normal is what you should talk about. that's the problem. >> now, i actually think the president is trying to get involved, what he's doing with contraception and government has tried in the past to give out free condoms and they exacerbate the problem. >> he gave an eloquent speech
5:48 pm
last year about men, saying you have a responsibility and if you father a child, you need to stay involved in that child's life. i loved that. i would like to hear more of it. >> george bush gave a motivating speech to fathers as well. >> the root cause of our problems can be traced to the breakdown of the family. >> bob, i want you to respond. according to the census, the poverty rate in 2008 for single parents for children, 38%. married couples, 6%. the quickest way to poverty is a single parent household. >> jesse jackson has been making this point about children having children, over and over again, and he lambastes guys who get girls pregnant and walks away. that's the worst sin in the world. if you have a child and don't take care of them, you're a bum
5:49 pm
and you should be arrested. the point is, 50% of all childbirth in this country of women under 30 is with unmarried women. 27% for whites, 57% for hispanics and 77% for blacks. i mean that's unbelievable. >> illegitimacy could be teen moms, women deciding in their 30s and 40s they're going to forget the guy, can't find mr. right so i'm doing it on my own. women who are divorcing. bernie goldberg blamed women in the media. a year ago jennifer aniston said i don't need a man to have a kid and took a heat from bill riley. technically, you still do need the man for the baby batter. that visual through threw me
5:50 pm
off. sex and the city, christen davis, just adopted but they have the financial means so you can distinguish. whether it's the best idea or not, they have the resources to provide for a child. i am a single mom, divorced. it's hard work. >> can you tell me what. >> i think being a single mother is the toughest job in the entire country, yet it's glorified in a lot of ways. women are making more money and can do it. i think kids are better off with a father in their family but teen moms, the show, are they encouraging it? they're ridiculed. >> they're talking about aniston, they're a small percentage. i'm sorry. >> that's all right. >> i want to hear what you have to say. >> i want to hear what you have
5:51 pm
to say, please. >> i'm simply -- >> don't waste our time. >> mtv should be called out for teen moms and on and on. >> and the magazines. >> and the loose behavior. jersey shore then the hollywood elites saying i can have kids out of wedlock. i have a niece raising seven children alone, two biologicals, five she fostered who are hers, getting it done and she has the toughest job. hats over to anyone getting it done. >> dana gave me two magazines and said i could get up on what's going on. i've been trying to read them for a week and a half. one of the things were a lot of women having babies, like you said, who are stars and stuff like that. but they're a small percentage of the problem, particularly among poor black women. that's something that has to be dealt with. >> i agree.
5:52 pm
no deadbeat dads. >> guess what time it is? one more thing. >> one more thing, baby. >> ♪ ♪ if i just lay here. ♪ would you lie with me and just forget the world ♪
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there's these guys, adam, aaron perlet of the american mustache institute and john, promoting a proposal to give $250,000 tax refund to mustached americans. there's not a house sponsor but we hope somebody will come to our aid because everyone's pitching in. >> only a guy named john putter would have a conversation like that. >> what about women with mustaches? >> one of the reasons they want the break is because all the grooming products. >> women with a mustache have to use the same grooming products. >> to get rid of it, exactly. >> i had one of these in college. >> in high school. >> oh, man. >> eric, next. one more thing. >> as you may or may not know, tonight mr. obama is entertaining mick jagger. we have the blues too.
5:57 pm
we have a little blues -- i wrote something for you president obama, gasoline blues. i woke up this morning and turned on the news, gasoline was up again, i got the blues, had a few bucks to bring to the bank, needed it all to fill up my tank. the dollars rolled higher on the gasoline pump with each ring adding ding, a pain inmy rumble to live it up while you can, commander in chief because the pain at the pump is beyond belief. we'll remember in november when we chose and you know why you lost because we have the gasoline build us. >> i think tom selleck, bravo. >> what about you, bob? you have the tycoon mustache. >> actually, for good reason. i wanted to -- my one more thing, there's a tv show called shark tank. that's where you go and you've got an idea and there's
5:58 pm
investors there. if he they like your idea they give you money for the investment. donny had an idea, i don't know what it was, but he did say he wanted -- the investors liked it but they said, you've got to take your workers out of china. he said no, i want to hire american workers. the investors said unless you higher chinese workers, no money for you, a pox on the investors. >> you go. >> so he did not -- >> i don't know. he said i refuse to take my business overseas. guess what happened? he got a lot of extra orders. >> that's some publicity. >> your is like groucho marx. >> we're going to get you a hat. >> who is up? >> she's got one more thing. >> this should be gray for one more thing. i just want to point out in the budget, we talked about obama's budget last week, first obama cut medicare by $500 billion, this past october, he cut
5:59 pm
seniors home healthcare 11%. now he's proposing more budget cuts and reimbursement to nursing homes, medicare, and cost of living adjustments for seniors. stop pushing grandma and grand pa around. >> you're spending too much, now you're dumping on him for cutting. >> but from the seniors? >> well, i think -- >> we need the mustache. >> we need to end this on a high note. >> i -- no. i love when grandmas dance it out. right? we love to dance it out here on the fox. check it ... >> she dances better than greg. >> that was grandma dances to whitney houston. it went viral on youtube. >> a little shaky

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